Drive less, Earn more

route optimization software for waste collectors and trading companies

GreenRoutes specialises in optimising routes by means of algorithms.

GreenRoutes can do the following for your business:


GreenRoutes makes it possible to create the most efficient route planning for your company at the push of a button.


Fewer cars, fewer kilometres, therefore less CO2 emissions. In this way, GreenRoutes contributes to a better environment.


Serving the same number of customers with fewer cars, kilometres and staff hours.


Grow as a company by serving more customers with the current staff and number of vehicles.

GreenRoutes makes use of Artificial Intelligence.

Planners are often busy with their daily activities, leaving little time to analyse the efficiency of the routes. Moreover, it is impossible for a planner to optimally schedule hundreds or thousands of customers across several vehicles.

"GreenRoutes solves this! We have developed a software platform where our algorithms can determine the most efficient possible routes for your (freight) vehicles. We can take into account all your specific needs.

GreenRoutes Optimizer interfaces with your ERP system so that your order locations are automatically sent to our software. This allows route planners to determine the most optimal routes at the click of a button."